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How Do We Glorify God? A Short Guide to Living a God-Centred Life

"The glory of God is a silver thread which must run through all our actions.”


That’s how Puritan pastor Thomas Watson described the importance of the glory of God for the Christian life.


God’s greatest concern is His glory—the Bible is clear about that. He will not give it to anyone else, and failure to glorify Him certainly warrants eternal judgement. But God’s glory is more than a mandate for His creation. He has intertwined it with our identity so we are unable to find meaningful purpose apart from displaying His glory in every part of life. Many Christians today are bombarded with philosophies, programs, and self-help books promising them a meaningful and purposeful life. But instead of helping them achieve their goal, they distract from the true source of meaning and purpose.


How Do We Glorify God provides an accessible, clear, and practical guide to help Christians find meaningful purpose in a world of distractions. Through Puritan thought and Biblical study, faithfulness to Christ and His gospel is inspired, pressing questions about sin and suffering are covered, hope in the promises of God is instilled, and eternal satisfaction is guaranteed. 


It seems to me that the “gospill” is fashionable these days. The "gospill" is a placebo, a remedy for all that ails us. It’s a spiritual pill that we take in Jesus name, that promises to fix everything that’s broken. The “Gospel” is different. The gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ. It’s good news that Christ loves us, chooses us, pursues us, convicts us, forgive us, in order to heal us. The gospel changes us from the inside out. In Daniel’s most recent book “How Do We Glorify God,” he moves the reader from transformation to implementation. Daniel challenges us to live what we believe. Daniel believes with passion that the Gospel isn’t mere proclamation. No, its demonstration. The gospel must affect our character, thinking, practice, and ultimately, our submission to Jesus. What makes this book worthwhile to read? Daniel lives what he writes.

- Greg Pearson, Pastor, First Baptist Victoria, Victoria, BC  

"Daniel has written a wonderful work answering the question “How do we glorify God?” This guide on living a God-centered life is theologically robust, many times devotional in nature, and so practical on many levels. My heart was both challenged and encouraged to pursue glorifying God in all aspects of my life and I found myself, many times, worshiping God as I read these pages. Make sure to grab a pen and notepad as you work your way through the lofty concepts and truths that Daniel wonderfully explains."

- Steve JanzExecutive Director, Millar College of the Bible, Sunnybrae Campus, Tappen, BC

"Daniel does a great job of bringing the historical events of the Reformation together with Biblical truth and spelling out in layman’s terms, both the necessity and practicality of life to the glory of God. It serves as a good reminder for me to stay focused on Christ and the glory of God."

- Merlis Wiebe, Lay Pastor, Bergthaler Mennonite Church, Saskatchewan, Canada



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