Our Purpose  


This journal started out of a desire to see believers in Christ grow in their understanding of God's Word. We are involved in various ministries at our local churches, and our articles and book reviews are another way in which we can teach the truths of Scripture. When we started, our focus was directed to the local congregations we attend, but being connected, our purpose is to bring a proper understanding to Christians wherever they may be found through social media and the internet. And so our work extends to whoever reads it. Our primary goal, however, is still for the strengthening of our own congregations, as should everyone's who is a member of a church. 


We have seen throughout the history of the church that teaching in written form is one of the greatest methods of helping believers to understand the Scriptures. Without it, we would not know what has been taught in the past as well as we do now, nor can we compare them efficiently with Scripture to see if the teaching was correct. As leaders in our churches, we want to help other believers grow and we see this journal as a great means by which we can accomplish it.


Our purpose is to point to our great God; that we might see our need for Him and trust the work of restoration He provided in Christ on our behalf.  We are convinced that by letting the Scriptures speak, unhindered by man's opinion, and humbling ourselves before God and seeing Him for who He is, we are transformed. We intend to publish content faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


The purpose of this journal can be summarized by the anthem of the Protestant Reformation: "Always reforming to the Word of God." Our purpose is to bring Bible-centered, gospel-focused content for the purpose of believers conforming to the word of God. It is our mandate to be transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we do not fall into the errors of the world (Romans 12:2). To this end, we write.


Our Passion


We love the gospel. It is our passion to see God glorified in people who are transformed by it. Our work is to bring you along as we explore the entirety of the Scriptures, for we understand that all of the Scriptures are pointing to God's redemptive work through Jesus Christ. We strive to grow in our knowledge and understanding of God, so the resources you find here are our thoughts and convictions as the Holy Spirit reveals himself to us.


We also see reading as an invaluable tool for growth, and that fuels us to write. Reading creates and challenges ideas which create our worldview. Since our passion is to have a worldview based on truth, our ideas must be shaped by truth. Books are an excellent means by which ideas can be spread. We provide a book review section for you to hear our opinions on the books we read in hopes that you will read, and think critically as you read. 


The driving force behind this journal is our passion. We want to see Christians strengthened in their faith, desiring God, hating sin, and being conformed to the image of Christ.  



Our beliefs determine our passion. We fully believe that our theology leads to doxology, that is, our thoughts about God lead to our worship of God. God must be worshiped how He has decreed, not how we imagine worship to look like. We do not pay attention to what the world thinks of our worship, nor what the Church thinks of our worship - without living irrespective of the body of Christ. What this means is that our focus is solely on the glory of God and allowing it to shape us, and so we strive to live coram Deo - Before the face of God. 


We hold to a Reformed perspective. The Reformation produced five distinctions commonly called the five solas, ("sola" meaning "alone" in Latin). (1) Sola Scriptura - we believe that Scripture is the sufficient Word of God. It is not Scripture and tradition, or any other addition. Scripture alone is sufficient for everything that pertains to life and godliness. (2) Sola Gratia - we believe that grace alone is sufficient for salvation. Grace is not rewarded to those who do good, but is given freely to those have done nothing and have nothing to give in return. (3) Solus Christus - the atoning work of Christ accomplished everything necessary to bring us back to God. (4) Sola Fide - salvation is applied to man by faith alone, not by any work of man. (5) Soli Deo Gloria - God's work in salvation, and in all things, is for His glory alone.


The Reformation also produced a simple form of the doctrines of grace. (1) Total depravity: man is corrupted by sin to the extent that every part of his nature is corrupted. Sin has caused man to be spiritually dead and unable to save himself. (2) Unconditional election: from before the beginning of the world, God elected, by Himself, a chosen people for Himself. This act was done irrespective of man's actions. (3) Definite atonement: Christ is God's substitute for the elect, and on the cross, Christ actually saved the elect. (4) Irresistible Grace: the Holy Spirit effectually draws God's elect to faith in Christ. (5) Persevering Grace: all those who are purchased in Christ will pursue holiness, and will never fall away from grace.


We believe that in these brief summaries of the basic truths of the Christian faith, God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit are glorified. It is the summary of the Bible: God saves sinners.


We affirm the Apostle Creed and the Nicene Creed, along with the Christian tradition expressed above in the five solas, the doctrines of grace, and in the Reformed confessions such as the Westminster Standards, and the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

We Affirm These Statements