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How to Test Your Gospel


The goal of gospel-centred Christians is a faithful biblical gospel. In Scripture, warnings abound for those who do not teach, preach, proclaim, or believe the biblical gospel. The trouble is that Christians face every sort of opposition to the gospel. The devil lies about the gospel, the world tells us to forget the gospel, and the flesh rejects the gospel. Every Christian must, therefore, constantly realign their gospel with Scripture.   

How to Test Your Gospel provides four simple tests to help you determine the ways in which your gospel has strayed from Scripture. It tests your gospel's consistency, central message, practicality, strength, and faithfulness to Scripture. The end of these tests is not to leave you with judgement and condemnation regarding your gospel, but rather to guide you to a biblically consistent and faithful gospel.



Introduction: The Need for a Gospel Test

Test One: The Doctrine of Election

Test Two: A Lonely Christ

Test Three: The Deathbed

Test Four: Final Judgement

Conclusion: The Test Results

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