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Thinking Christianity: The Importance of the Mind in the Christian Life

Throughout Church history, a lack of clear thought has been the chief cause of heresy: wherever indifference to doctrine and theology has arisen, neglect and rejection have soon followed. Christianity today faces a crisis in thinking: there is both an indifference toward, and neglect of, serious thought about Christian doctrine and theology. Instead, personal experience has been given primacy. Thinking Christianity attempts to reverse this popular attitude and forestall the rejection of the Christian gospel that will otherwise inevitably follow.


Author Daniel Klassen covers two aspects of thinking in the Christian faith: the necessity for thinking, and the need for proper thinking. Addressing the first aspect, he answers questions such as “Why should Christians think?”, “Is faith reasonable and rational?”, “How do we know God?”, and “How do we know the truth?”. Addressing the second aspect, he explores foundational beliefs for the Christian faith, covering questions such as, “What is salvation?”, “What is sanctification?”, How do we gain assurance?”, and “What does it mean to worship God?”. Throughout the book, he attempts to answer these questions with clarity and truthfulness by expounding Scripture, using historical examples from the Reformation, and exploring philosophical ideas. This clearly reasoned, timely book will help Christians live in assurance and confidence in God—and preserve the gospel for future generations.

Paperback and Hardcover

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